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  To Whom Is It Written?  

Different parts of the Bible are written specifically to different groups of people. What does it all mean? Find out here in this module.

To Whom is it Written?

Parts of the Bible were written to specific people and having an understanding of that is helpful.

An Introduction to Administrations

In understanding "to whom" the Bible is written, we have to have a good grasp of the administrations throughout the Bible.

The Rules Change

The rules present throughout the Bible have actually changed over time.

Searching for the Will of God

Though not all of the Bible is written directly to us, that doesn't mean that we should gloss over any parts of the Bible.

Dispensationalism and Non-Dispensational Interpretations

There are great benefits to understanding dispensationalism. Learn more about them here.

The Administration of Grace

We're currently living in the administration of grace, but what exactly does that mean?