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  How did we get the Bible?  

Trace the history of Scripture! This module breaks down the timeline of how the Bible came to be.

All Scripture is God Breathed

The Bible claims that it came from God, and when we look at the evidence, the evidence points to that being the case.

An Overview of the Original Scrolls and Texts

There's a process by which the original scrolls and texts became our modern Bibles. Understanding a little about that process helps us to remove some doubt and trust the Bible more.

The Benefit of Having Many Copies

Many people say that the Bible is inaccurate because it's been copied and translated so many times. That's a huge lie; find out why in this session.

Why are There So Many Versions?

There are dozens of different versions of the Bible available today. But why are there so many different versions?

What is the Canon of Scripture?

You've probably heard of the "Canon of Scripture" but what exactly does that mean?

Are There Any Lost Books of the Bible?

Are there parts of the Bible that have been lost? In this session, we'll answer that common question.