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  Considering Jesus  

Our introductory module covers common perspectives and worldview. It also gives a solid argument for why the viewer should consider Jesus.

Jesus and Christianity: There's a difference

We need to realize that there's a difference between Jesus Christ and Christianity.

A Meaningful Life

We want to feel like we are meaningful and have a purpose. But for that to be true, there has to be a creator.

Worldviews - We All Have One, What's Yours?

Worldviews are important because they are the lens by which we see the world, and we all have one.

God and Science

We've all been taught that science and religion don't go together, but is that true?

God and Evolution

Which worldview makes the most sense, an evolutionary worldview or a Christian one?

God and Evil

The idea that a good God and evil can't exist together is an old and persistent argument. But does that argument disprove Christianity?

God Loves You!

Learning that God loves humanity is fundamental to understanding God and the Bible.

Man, Separated from God

You may have heard that "man was separated from God" but why was that?

God Has a Plan

God has a plan for humanity and that plan is being played out.

The Goal of God's Plan and the Free Gift

In the last session, we talked about how God has a plan. But what is the goal of that plan?